I was born in one of the first cities founded by the Spanish at their arrival to Mexico; the charming Puebla or “Puebla of the Angels”. From the very beginning of my life, I had been lucky enough to be exposed to a vast array and abundance of breathtaking landscapes, stunning archaeological sites, romantic tales and legends and historical events that had sparked my creative endeavor and inspired my evolution as an artist and in general as a human being.

    My childhood was influenced by a fascinating crossroad of three cultures: the Mexican, the Italian and that of the Natives of the place. I was raised in a town named Mazatepec, where my great-great grandfather along with other Italian families founded an Italian Colony at the end of the 1800’s. I went to school with kids that their first language wasn’t Spanish but Nahuatl: the language of the Aztecs. I went on holidays to celebrate the independence of Mexico from the Spanish Crown and the victory of the Battle of 5 de Mayo from the French empire, all at the same time that my relatives were yearning for their lost connection to their Italian roots. In the afternoons in my town, arts and crafts were the ideal excuse of some women to get together, learn new skills and have a good time. Sharing recipes and food was part of the whole experience. So I became very crafty while learning from wonderful people that had acquired their talents from previous generations.

    This blog has been in the making for a while now considering I have always wanted to share all of those crafts, recipes, health and traveling tips and experiences that I have collected throughout the years. You might wonder why the name “Precisely Me”? I think that with every post you’ll begin to know me a little bit better. Hope you like it and find useful tips!

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