Looking for descendants of Austin Lewis…

One of my dreams as a family historian is to find a picture of my great-great-grandparents. I have imagined their faces and wondered if I resemble them; I think this is why I am fascinated with old pictures. Every time I acquire an old picture, I spend time analyzing it, and wondering about the story behind the person/people while looking at every detail hoping to find clues that would help me find the identity/identities. While collecting these pictures, I realized that many other researchers probably feel the same and also dream of finding pictures of their lost relatives as I do.

So I decided to dedicate some time and try to reunite some pictures I’ve collected through the years to the descendants and rightful owners. I know it won’t be easy, but hopefully, with everybody’s help, it can be done.

I found this picture in an antique shop in the town of Martinez, California. The only clue I have is that on the back the name “Austin Lewis” is written with a pencil. I would love to find his relatives and descendants, know more about his story, and return the picture to them. If you have any clues please let me know. #letsreunite

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