United States Famous Ghosts Stories

US Famous Ghosts Stories locations like Alcatraz, the White House, Gettysburg and the Winchester House

Throughout American History, the tales of haunted places and encounters with the supernatural have fascinated the imagination of many individuals. These ghostly stories have transcended time and to this day still continue to captivate the minds of those who believe in the paranormal. Discover the mystery behind four of America’s Most Famous Ghost Stories, and get ready to get spooked!

Abraham Lincoln Ghost – White House

One of the most famous ghost stories in American History centers around U.S. President Abraham Lincoln, also referred to as the White House Ghost. The tale suggests that he began to appear at the White House shortly after his assassination in 1865.

Over the years, there have been numerous accounts of people living at the White House and visiting dignitaries from other countries reporting eerie encounters with the ghost. One instance, in the 1920s, First Lady Grace Coolidge claimed to have seen Lincoln’s Ghost in the Yellow Oval Office. In 1942, Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands recalled hearing footsteps followed by a knock at her door, only to discover the figure of Abraham Lincoln standing in front of her when she opened the door. Even Winston Churchill, the renowned British Prime Minister, shared his chilling encounter with Lincoln in his bedroom after taking a bath.

A historical photograph taken by Photographer William H. Mumbler around 1869 is said to depict Mary Todd Lincoln with the ghostly image of her late husband standing behind her.

Mumler (Lincoln)

The Ghostly Soldiers of Gettysburg – Pennsylvania

The Battle of Gettysburg fought in 1863, stands as one of the bloodiest and most significant battles in the American Civil War. With estimates indicating that over 7,000 lives were lost in this brutal confrontation between the Confederate and Union armies, it is not a surprise this historic site is considered to be haunted and a hotspot for those seeking signs of paranormal activity.

Among the many haunting stories associated with the battlefield, the most chilling revolves around the Gettysburg Orphanage. Originally constructed as a private residence, the building was transformed into a makeshift hospital for the wounded soldiers during the battle, with the house’s cellar turned into a storage place for the deceased. After the battle, the building was converted into an orphanage for the children who tragically lost their parents in the battle. It is believed that the headmistress of the orphanage, Rosa J. Carmichael, subjected orphaned children to horrifying and despicable disciplinary actions, including chaining and torture in the very same cellar.

The following video, captured in 2009, reveals ghostly shapes moving across the field. The authenticity of this footage remains a subject of debate. Is it genuine or not? I leave that judgment to you.

Winchester Mystery House California

William Wirt Winchester, heir to the Winchester® Arms fortune, and his wife, Sarah Lockwood Pardee Winchester, along with their daughter Sarah, called New Haven, Connecticut, their home. Misfortune and tragedy struck the Winchester family when Sarah, their beloved infant daughter, died of a childhood illness. A few years later William, the family patriarch, died of tuberculosis.

After her husband’s death, Sarah relocated to San Jose California where she acquired an eight-room farmhouse, and started the world’s longest home renovation. Construction started in 1886 and continued relentlessly until 1922 when Sarah passed away. By that time, the once 8-room farmhouse had transformed into a 24,000-square-foot mansion. It has an astounding 10,000 windows, 2,000 doors, 160 rooms, 47 staircases, six kitchens, numerous skylights, fireplaces, bathrooms, and much more.

The mystery of the house centers around the peculiar and bizarre manner in which the mansion was built. Local tales suggest that it was designed in a labyrinth, a maze-like manner, to confuse the restless spirits of those who had fallen victim to Winchester rifle. The house features doors and windows that lead to nowhere, staircases that abruptly terminate at the ceiling, and small, shallow steps that defy conventional logic. Some accounts even suggest that Sarah believed she would die if she stopped the construction.

What motivated Sarah’s never-ending construction project? Was she haunted by ghosts of Winchester victims? Was she eccentric, perhaps going mad? Find more information on the official Winchester Mystery House website.

SOUTH END OF EAST FRONT - Winchester House, 525 South Winchester Boulevard, San Jose, Santa Clara County, CA HABS CAL,43-SANJOS,9-3

The Ghosts of Alcatraz – California

Alcatraz Island, situated offshore of San Francisco, California, is most renowned for its Federal Prison, which once housed a multitude of infamous and high-profile inmates, among them Al Capone and Machine Gun Kelly. However, the history of the island as a place of incarceration extends back more than seventy years before the establishment of the federal prison.

In 1858, following the acquisition of California, the United States commenced fortifying the island, giving rise to the establishment of Fort Alcatraz. As early as 1859, Alcatraz began to house soldiers convicted of various crimes. When the American Civil War erupted in 1861, Fort Alcatraz found a new role as a facility for imprisoning prisoners of war. After the devastating 1906 San Francisco earthquake, civilian prisoners were relocated to Alcatraz for secure detention. In August 1934, the island was designated as a federal prison, shaping the Alcatraz we know today.

Why is Alcatraz considered a haunted place? Its reputation comes from its century-long history as a remote residence for society’s most dangerous individuals. The island, small in size, with little vegetation, and completely isolated from the rest of the world, served as the ideal location to contain these individuals. Escape was deemed nearly impossible due to the cold waters and strong currents of San Francisco Bay.

Alcatraz Federal Prison, designed as a maximum-security facility, housed some of the most infamous criminals in American history for 29 years. Inside the prison, discipline was severe and living conditions so difficult that prisoners often lost all hope. Some went mad, some attempted daring escapes, and tragically, some resorted to taking their own lives.

Out of the 36 prisoners who made reckless escape attempts, 23 were captured alive, 6 were shot and killed during their escape, 2 drowned, and 5 were listed as missing and presumed to have drowned. In 1963, the prison permanently closed its doors. To this day, some believe that the restless spirits of those who never left the island alive still haunt the prison, perpetually searching for release from their torment.

From the ghostly figure of Abraham Lincoln wandering the halls of the White House, to the restless souls of Alcatraz Federal Prison, these stories remind us that the echoes of the past still resonate in the present. They serve as windows into a world where the supernatural and the historical converge, leaving us with a sense of wonder and a lingering question: Could the spirits of the past truly be among us?

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